Abraham Vergis comments on recent move in Singapore to allow senior lawyers to take on more trainee lawyers

As reported in Straits Times (Senior lawyers can now take on more trainees, 20 Dec 2014), a senior lawyer with 12 years of experience or more can now take on up to 4 law graduates as practice trainees. Recent amendments to the Legal Profession (Admission) Rules were introduced to deal with the shortage of seats for practice training, which is a pre-requisite for admission to the Singapore Bar. Commenting as a senior lawyer in a boutique law practice, Abraham noted: “If one is to effectively supervise trainees, it would be better to limit the number of trainees so that you can spend more time with them”. Even so, he believes that senior lawyers with a large team of experienced lawyers could take on more trainees so that the trainees can benefit from the “collective experience of the team of lawyers”.