Environmental Sustainability

As responsible community stewards, we at Providence Law Asia recognise that we have a responsibility to reduce and mitigate the environmental impacts of legal practice. The firm is committed to implementing measures to ensure that we practice more sustainably and minimise our carbon footprint.

As part of our efforts, Providence Law Asia adopted a fully paperless cloud-based working system since 2019. The firm has phased out the use of desktops, and all staff have been issued laptops and tablets which are more energy-efficient and enable our team to work without generating unnecessary paper waste. In the past three years, Providence Law Asia has successfully conducted most of its hearing and trials without the use of any paper bundles.

The firm is also committed to reducing its carbon footprint from international travel. Even after COVID-19 travel restrictions were lifted, we have continued to recommend holding meetings with overseas partners and clients virtually and continue to utilise and encourage hybrid or remote hearings wherever possible. Providence Law Asia has also signed the Green Arbitration Pledge to demonstrate its commitment to reducing its carbon footprint for dispute resolution. 

Our green initiatives extend to our office as well. The firm has steered away from single-use plastics, and opted to use reusable utensils as far as possible.