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Becoming a consummate advocate. That’s the promise of Team Providence.

Our Promise

The Providence Experience

  • 360° training and a completely immersive experience
  • Being part of a young and energetic team of independent Counsel
  • Direct involvement and total commitment to the client’s cause
  • Living up to the best ideals of the Singapore Bar
  • Giving back to society

Team Providence represents the next generation of boutique law practices in Singapore, with its exclusive focus on independent counsel work and its international outlook.

Consisting of young and ambitious advocates, Team Providence has been consistently punching above its weight and is quickly creating a reputation as a go-to law practice for independent representation.

The work is challenging and demands a high degree of self-motivation and resilience.

As part of a tightly-knit team of talented lawyers, you will be groomed, valued and rewarded for your effort.

As a practice and as individuals, we contribute actively to the legal community and to pro bono causes.

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Training Contracts and Relevant Legal Training
Providence Law Asia is strongly committed to nurturing future leaders of the Bar and to making our practice available as a learning lab for the best in class.

We believe the art of lawyering and court craft cannot be taught or learned by rote.

That is why we believe in showing, not telling. And you can only learn by doing.

We believe that training contracts should be both a formative and transformative experience for young Counsel, firmly embedding in them the right lawyerly instincts and an ethical compass before they embark on their legal careers.

Our positions are reserved for the exceptionally talented who have demonstrated the commitment to the calling of the law and the ideals of the noble profession.

A successfully completed internship at Providence Law Asia is recommended when applying for a TC or RLT.

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International Clerkships and Internships

We currently offer the following programmes:

  • International Clerkships (4 – 6 months) for foreign lawyers and foreign postgraduates in law.
  • Internships (4 weeks) for local and foreign law undergraduates.

Our International Clerkships and Internships are intended to give candidates immersive exposure to all aspects of a specialist disputes practice, and as far as possible, to a variety of subject matter.

Apart from the opportunity to attend client and witness conferences and court and arbitration hearings, you will be given substantive legal assignments and your progress will be closely supervised.

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“My three month international clerkship at Providence Law Asia was an exceptional learning experience from both a professional and a personal perspective. The work was extremely diverse, and I was able to assist with a wide range of matters including public law, insolvency, civil procedure and criminal law. No two days were the same. Aside from the substantive legal work, the staff at Providence Law Asia were extremely welcoming and made me feel like an integral member of the team from day one. My opinions were valued, and the lawyers always took the time to give me feedback and to expose me to interesting issues. As a result, my confidence and quality of work significantly increased over the three month period. My clerkship has given me fantastic building blocks for my future as a litigator, and I can wholeheartedly recommend Providence Law Asia to any lawyer or undergraduate wishing to pursue a successful career in dispute resolution.”
-Lucy Kenner, 2018
Victoria University, New Zealand.

Alumni Testimonials
“The team at PROVIDENCE LAW ASIA are extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic, always willing to share their experiences. As a foreign lawyer, I was given the opportunity to contribute and partake in some very interesting and challenging cases. My two-month international clerkship at PROVIDENCE LAW ASIA was a unique opportunity to gain insight from the ‘front row’ into the Singapore legal system, which was an invaluable experience!”

LL.B (Hons), University of South Africa 2008
Prior to her international clerkship at Providence Law, Robyn was practicing as a foreign lawyer in Guangzhou, China and as an employment law Attorney in Johannesburg.


“Despite coming from another jurisdiction, Abraham and his colleagues made me feel part of their team and that I was making a meaningful contribution from the first day. During my international clerkship I was given the opportunity to draft affidavits and summons, to assist in client meetings and to attend court hearings and thereby got a realistic view on the daily tasks. Also on a personal level, it has been a pleasure to get to know such an engaged, helpful and friendly team.”

Doctoral candidate in German and Polish Law (Viadrina)
Prior to his international clerkship at Providence Law, Niklas obtained his LL.B. in German and Polish Law from the European University Frankfurt/Oder (Germany).


Sometimes we occupy ourselves with accomplishing a given task, so much so that we forget that we are capable of doing much more than just accomplishing. I remember my four months at Providence Law Asia as a challenging yet precious time because I was constantly pushed and encouraged to do more, go further, and put out the best result I could in all projects I was tasked with. Not many out there will take the time and effort to coach and guide you to develop your potential, but the wonderful team at Providence Law Asia will; and I cannot thank them enough for it.”

Sophia KIM
JD First Year Candidate, Georgetown University Law Center.


During my five-month international clerkship at PROVIDENCE LAW ASIA have gained valuable insights into not only the Singapore legal sector but also into the larger business world in Singapore. The cases that were dealt with were always different shining light on the different aspects of the local legal system as well as internationa arbitration. All of this I have experienced whilst working with a knowledgeable, friendly team with a hands-on mentality, which turned my time in Singapore and at the firm into an unforgettable experience!”

LL.B., Maastricht University, The Netherlands, 2014.


“My three-month international clerkship at PROVIDENCE LAW ASIA was a truly impressive and enriching experience. I worked closely with Abraham Vergis for an international fraud case involving breach of trust by senior management members of a Kazakhstan company and its Singapore parent. The case involved freezing orders and tracing illicit fund transfers to bank accounts in Latvia and Hong Kong. I also assisted Mr Vergis in a Singapore High Court trial concerning a failed joint venture involving the subsidiary of a public-listed company, which culminated in the other party consenting to judgment after three days of cross-examination.”

LL.B, King’s College London 2010
Following her international clerkship, Khushboo proceeded to serve on the prosecution team at the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia.


“My time at PROVIDENCE LAW ASIA was an insightful and unforgettable experience and I have benefitted in many aspects. I was given the chance to assist in a successful two-day hearing before the Singapore High Court to set aside a Search Order. I also participated in Socratic discussions with various Counsel at PROVIDENCE LAW ASIA and was given the opportunity to draft substantive applications.”

B.A. / LL.B First Year Candidate, Jindal Global Law School, New Delhi, India


“I was asked to assist in emergency arbitration proceedings under the auspices of the Singapore International Arbitration Center, which was presided by Tan Sri Cecil Abraham. In one very intense week, I was privileged to contribute to the preliminary research and helped to draft aspects of several rounds of written submissions and affidavits exchanged between the parties in short order. It was the culmination of many late nights and intense discussions. Looking back, being privy to Counsel’s strategic considerations and being able to see the file through from start to end was perhaps the most memorable part of my six-week internship with PROVIDENCE LAW.”

Jeriel LAM
LL.B Final Year Candidate, Singapore Management University
Participated in the prestigious Willem C. Vis (East) International Commercial Arbitration Moot 2012.


“I had the opportunity to assist Abraham Vergis in a rare Criminal Revision application by the Attorney-General of Singapore to the Court of Appeal, challenging one of the last criminal law decisions of then retiring Chief Justice of Singapore. See PP v Adnan bin Kadir [2012] SGHC 196 and the subsequent Court of Appeal decision at [2013] SGCA 34. I was given the chance to be intimately involved in virtually every stage of the case. Mr. Vergis engaged me in many robust discussions over possible legal arguments, sometimes over supper.”

Darren TOH
LL.B Final Year Candidate, National University of Singapore 2013. Parcipated in the prestigious Willem C. Vis (East) International Commercial Arbitration Moot 2012.


“Learning how to deal with clients in real-life cases, thinking on my feet, and working meticulously yet efficiently – these were some of the takeaways I acquired during my two-month internship at PROVIDENCE LAW. A real highlight was attending the trial of a multi-million dollar financial fraud case in the Singapore High Court. On both a personal and professional level, there was no shortage of positive experiences and life lessons.”

Wilford NG
LL.B First Year Candidate, National University of Singapore

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Becoming a consummate advocate.
That's the promise of Team Providence.