Training Contracts and Relevant Legal Training

Providence Law Asia is strongly committed to nurturing future leaders of the Bar and to making our practice available as a learning lab for the best in class. 

We believe the art of lawyering and court craft cannot be taught or learned by rote. That is why we offer an immersive training experience where our trainees are exposed to all aspects of disputes practice – from client handling, to drafting documents and submissions and devising a case strategy – under the supervision of experienced senior lawyers.  

We believe that training contracts should be both a formative and transformative experience for young lawyers, firmly embedding in them the right lawyerly instincts and an ethical compass before they embark on their legal careers. 

Our positions are reserved for the exceptionally talented who have demonstrated commitment to the calling of the law and the ideals of our noble profession. 

If you are interested in applying for a Relevant Legal Training or Training Contract for 2024 or 2025, please send your CV, latest transcript and a cover letter to