Bankruptcy application filed against Lim Tean for failure to make repayments of a loan to Mr Huang Min

Following the summary judgment delivered against Lim Tean, leader of opposition party People’s Voice, in November this year, Providence Law Asia LLC’s Lim Mingguan and Bestlyn Loo, on behalf of Mr Huang Min, has filed a bankruptcy application filed against Lim Tean last Friday. Lim Tean, in response, has deemed the matter a private dispute and has gone on to say that “Mr Huang Min can file whatever he wants.”

The bankruptcy application was filed against Lim Tean following his failure to make repayments of a loan of US$150,000 to Mr Huang Min despite a court order to do so. Should the bankruptcy application be successful, Lim Tean will be prohibited from contesting in the 2021 General Election unless he is discharged from being a bankrupt.