CIArb YMG Arbitration Conference

Our Managing Director, Abraham Vergis S.C., was a panelist at the session titled “Interactive Talk: To convince, cajole or coerce?” at the CIArb YMG Arbitration Conference held at Furama City Centre yesterday. Abraham spoke alongside Stephen Moriarty KC, Una Khng, Shaun Pereira and Ramesh Selvaraj with Lukas Lim moderating the session. The speakers discussed effective written and oral advocacy in international arbitration, discussing key strategies, challenges, and dos and don’ts, with an interactive Q&A that engaged the audience. 

Our Director, Zhuo Jiaxiang, was also a panelist at the session titled “Quiz Session: What would you do if…?”, where he spoke alongside Nicholas Lingard, Mahesh Rai and Penny Martin, with Clemency Wang as moderator. The speakers shared their perspectives on how to navigate thorny issues that have arisen in recent developments in international arbitration. 

We extend our gratitude and appreciation to the members of the CIArb for putting together a wonderful and engaging event. 

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