Mano Sabnani files defence against claims

Providence Law Asia has been engaged by Mr Mano Sabnani, an outspoken investor of Stamford Land Corp, to defend his case in a defamation claim by the latter. Mr Mano Sabnani has been accused by Stamford Land and its directors of making defamatory statements against them on Facebook and in The Business Times on July 27th and July 31st respectively. The defence, represented by Abraham Vergis and Zhuo Jiaxiang, submitted that Mr Mano Sabnani’s words were justified and not defamatory as Mr Mano Sabnani had been “vilified, bullied and made to feel totally unwelcome as a minority shareholder” during the 2018 AGM of Stamford Land Corp.  It was further asserted by the Defence that as an AGM of an SGX-listed company is often the only forum in which minority shareholders can meet the board and ask probing questions or give critical feedback, Mr Mano Sabnani’s statements were fair comment and protected by qualified privilege.